Are There Keys That Can’t Be Duplicated?

No matter if your home has cameras or an alarm system, burglars or intruders will often find a way to get through your property, especially if they know how to access the system. In order to protect your property and keep your loved ones and belongings safe, your locks should be sturdy enough to withstand a break-in as they are the last line of your defense.

While thieves can damage or break your locks using certain tools or equipment, you will make it harder for them to get through your house if your locks are high quality and durable. Fortunately, you can improve your security by simply upgrading not only your locks but your keys as well. The first thing you should do is to rekey your locks, especially if you are worried that someone has a duplicate of your original keys. The good news is there are many ways to boost security, and that is what we are going to show you today.

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Are There Keys That Can’t Be Duplicated

Restricted keys

Restricted keys are keys that can’t be duplicated. They are unique and you can only get one by going to a reliable and trusted locksmith. Since restricted keys are special, thieves will definitely have a hard time opening your locks unless they have the exact key you have. However, you might have a hard time getting a copy as you can only obtain restricted keys from a licensed dealer.

This can be a good option for home or business owners who want to protect their house or office. But keep in mind that this can be quite expensive. Before you decide to reach out to a certified locksmith, make sure that your budget is ready or you will only waste your time and effort. The process should only take a few hours, allowing you to improve your home security quickly.

Non-standard keys

Non-standard keys are very hard and even nearly impossible to copy. There are countless of different lock options that are made for non-standard keys. Creating these type of keys are a bit difficult and they can’t be easily copied even by using machines. With a non-standard key, you will be able to improve your security and keep your property safe at all times.

All keys can be duplicated. But there are some keys that are a little hard and almost impossible to be copied. Whether you want to protect your belongings or you want to keep your family safe, upgrading your locks and keys will definitely get the job done.

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